Friday, July 21, 2006

Wedding Bells

Here is an illustration I did for my brother Adam, and his bride-to-be, Rachel. They wanted a cartoon done of them to put on their wedding invitations. Adam decided it would be funny to have them in some atrocious naturally I made his suit purple and gave her dress sparkles. I think they look nice. They should dress like this for the wedding. Enjoy!


Mark said...

It's nice to see the project that took priority over helping a friend... :( :(
(that one's worth TWO sad faces.)

No, seriously though, I think it came out really good. I hope your brother is as happy in his marriage as I am!

Eric Merced said...

Nice job.
I like their expressions.

Adam R. said...

Me as a cartoon, guy! I look friggin' awesome. My biceps are a little smaller than actual size, but other than that, it's an accurate representation of me! Thanks a bunch Ben R...very generous of you to do this for us. You'll see it on the invite that's mailed to you in a few weeks!


Mellers said...

Yay!! They look fly, yo!! I love your bro's suit... gotta jet. ttyl.

Amanda said...

That is such an AWESOME idea! Very smart brother you have! I don't think you can get any more personalized than that, plus I am sure it'll be great to know that his brother helped him out with the invitations, something he will remember for a long time.

Wicked job Ben! The purple suit rocks!

Anonymous said...

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