Monday, January 14, 2013

Personal Project

I don't know if theres anyone who comes to this page anymore but I come here all the time expecting something new, and get really disappointed every time. That Ben is a real slacker. So if for no one else other than me, here's something new!

I've just recently started working on a personal project that I've had in the back of my brain for a very long time. It's in its infancy, but here are my designs for the main characters of the story. Lots more designs to come, as this is just the beginning of development. I will be posting again soon - I can't wait to come back to this page and see what it is. All images © Ben Reynolds, 2013.


Eric Reynolds said...


Mark Rickert said...

I still come here :)
You're in my RSS reader.

Also - nice spoon-sword holder... i love that clasp on it so it can actually be pulled out of the sheath :)

Anonymous said...

I come here all the time. I have it booked marked :)
David Loveland

Richtoon said...

Love the variety in this set, Ben. Keep up the good work.

Jarrett said...

Awesome stuff, Ben! Cool characters & colors.

Marie Jones said...

Marie Jones said...

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